Murals or rather multipanel installations - the biggest challenge in lenticular printing because of unprecedented precision. 
Types of multipanel constructions:
Synchronised panels
The whole image constructed of many panels acts as one (for instance -flip effect is going on the whole image at one time)
multipanel construction, multipanel prints
Adjusted panels (images not synchronised but working in one phase)
Single panels show the same image at the same viewing angle.
multipanel construction, multipanel prints
 Please BEWARE:
The seam beteween adjacent panels will always be visible, the visability depends on the colour that the seam goes across. The seam is much more visible with lighter colours (the best are colours of 50% intensity). Solid colour areas also make the seam more visible.

Flip: if possible please avoid placing important elements of graphics on the seam as well as solid colour areas

3D: if possible avoid placing elements with large parallax on the seam