Long runs

Long run is a production mainstream in lenticular printing. Long runs are highly attractive mailings, CD and DVD covers, coasters, magazine covers, rulers etc. High costs of production require extreme care of design process and technical preparation. Most important element is the right choice of lens for the desired effect and financial limitations. Rule of the thumb is that the thinner the lens, the less it costs but at the same time it is most difficult in printing. Some solutions may come out well only on specific lens. For instance flip of 50 x 70 cm with a change of image on the whole area of printing will never look well on 75 LPI. The only choice is 50 or60 LPI lens. It is connected with lens distortion during printing process. Check out below.

In case of long runs it is best to start consulting with us as soon as possible, at the graphic design stage at best. It allows for achieving the best possible effect.
Our know-how and graphics studio are at your service.