Files for 3D

      Sample 3D file for downloading 

1. Layered files.
  • Files have to be prepared in layers.
  • SETs layers should be removed.
  • All layer effects need to be rendered.
  • All hidden layers have to be deleted.
  • You have to add more space on the left and the right side of the image. 15% of width. I.E. if your final width is 100 cm - you should prepare image of 115 cm (additional 15 cm will be cut down during processing)
  • Layers should be set up in such an order that the object which is the closest to the viewer is on top of the layer list.
  • The object which is to be in the focal point should be named “middle”.
  • Layers should not be knocked out. It means that all gaps left after cutting parts of a layer to another layer should be filled up.
  • Bear in mind that the deeper the object is placed in the final image, the less sharp it is.
2. Multi-views

This is an option for advanced users with 3D modeling and rendering skills and 3D photographers.

  • Number of views for different lens can vary but minimum will be 12.
  • It is better to make more views.
  • Images have to be adjusted one to another.
  • All images have to be in the same colour, model and size.
  • Background shift for 20 LPI lens will be around 10 cm, foreground 7 cm
  • Background shift for 40 LPI lens will be around 6 cm, foreground 4 cm