CityLight Posters

One of the most popular forms of advertisement, present in bus shelters, underground, airports, subways, often in the backlight version are city light posters (CLP).

The use of lenticular in CLP greatly amplifies the imapct of this kind of medium. Especially recomended on premium sites. Lenticular technology of flip effect gives us double space for the same price. It means that the message is twice that clearer or complete. Using lenticular makes the message tens times more visible.
CLP types:

- 3D
- Flip
- Animation

citylight posters, lenticular printFinishing for backlight:
- frontlit - regular density print - possible for backlight that is not too bright or for artwork that does not have to be very saturated in colour
- HiSaturation - higher density print - Ideal for backlight
- DoublePrint - maximum density print through double print. Perfectly captures all the nuances in blacks.
- Day&Night - the most advanced finishing for backlight. Gives identical colour effect with backlight (high density) or without (the image does not get darker)